Mr. Elizondo Superintendent, Touchet School District


Press Release:

Touchet Public Schools will open school for the fall of 2020 with their Board approved “Touchet School District Full Remote At-Home Learning” Model based on the guidelines set out for Washington schools by Governor Jay Inslee and State Superintendent Chris Reykdal.  Walla Walla County has seen a dramatic increase in cases and currently has five times more cases of COVID-19 than is needed for a safe return to school based on the state metric.  The metric is based on national and international data of schools and community transmission.

Last month, the Touchet School Board of Directors reviewed a three-prong return to school that allowed for flexibility based on county conditions.  While TSD will return in a Full Remote model, it is still planning its “Full Return-All Students, M-F” Model for the next level of return when county conditions change.  The TSD will be in the Full Remote “At-Home Learning Model” through the first grading period (9 weeks) and will evaluate conditions throughout the time.

TSDs’ Full Remote “At-Home Learning” Model this fall will be much different from spring 2020.  It will be much more rigorous with increased expectations for student attendance, engagement, and academic performance.  TSD will continue to plan to provide additional options and support for its most vulnerable and struggling students.  We are implementing a structure where many of these students will have access to onsite instruction.

Superintendent Robert Elizondo shared with his staff, “As optimistic as I am to bring all students back, we cannot return with face-to-face instruction this fall, I know that the staff of TSD will continue to rise up to provide a phenomenal experience for students that cares for the academic, social, and emotional well-being of each.”  Elizondo also acknowledged that schools do not operate in isolation that the decision affects every child, every household, and every member of the greater Touchet community.


Mr. Elizondo
Superintendent, Touchet School District