Touchet Virtual Academy

Touchet School is offering students an option of complete virtual learning for grades K-12. The Touchet Virtual Academy is a fully virtual experience.


Q: How do I register?

Click on the link below and fill out the pre-enrollment form. After the form is completed you will receive an email or phone call to complete the registration process.
TVA Pre-Enrollment Form

Q: How much time will TVA take each day? 

A: It really varies based on student and family needs, but the general answer is about 4-5 hours daily.  The Student Learning Plan that is created will define the time plus the use of the course calendar within the course will guide each students’ time management and progress.

Q: Could TVA enrollment be part time?   

A: For the 2020-2021 school year starting online, we will need to enroll K-5 students at a full-time capacity. Grades 6-12 will still be able to have the option to be enrolled part time TVA and part time in Touchet In Person + Comprehensive Distance Learning 2.0.

Q: Can my student start TVA and then switch back to the In Person + Comprehensive Distance Learning 2.0 model halfway through the year?   

A: Yes, TVA is an open enrollment system.  Recommendations would be to transition back at Trimester for Elementary or Quarter for MS/HS timelines.  

Q: If families decide to do online exclusively will the child be able to participate in school activities such as sports and clubs, etc. ?   

A: Yes, Touchet students in TVA have all the opportunities to participate in athletics, club/leadership organizations or other activities.  

Q: Does my child receive synchronous (real time) instruction from Touchet Teachers?

A: Students will be assigned a Touchet teacher who will weekly virtual check-in to assist with independent virtual learning.

Q: How much parent/guardian support is required?

A: Ongoing parent/guardian support is required for younger students. The parent/guardian in a since is the teacher. Similar to that of home school.

Q: Can TVA students check out a Chromebook?

A: Yes, a Chromebook is provided by the district. Internet access is needed for online learning.