salmon Hatchings

The Touchet Fifth grade class is busy raising salmon to be released into the Touchet River this spring!  

We are partnering with the Tri-State Steel Headers for the Salmon in the school project.  Once a month, our Salmon instructor presents a lesson.  So far, the students have learned what type of water the salmon need to be healthy and how to prepare our classroom tank. 

Our instructor Sarah taught us how to test the water, so it is safe for our salmon eggs.  We also learned about our watershed and how water flows into our rivers and finally the ocean. 

The students created a model of a water shed to help their understanding of tributaries. On October 23, we received about 150 Chinook Salmon eggs. The students were very excited to watch them hatch!  They will continue with once-a-month lessons until May when it is time to release the Salmon to the Touchet River!

Stay tuned as we update our salmon growth progress!