Touchet STEAM team
Two Touchet teams competed in the FLL Regional Qualifiers at Stevens Middle School in Pasco, WA on Saturday, December 9.

The Blue Moon Wolves and the Robomasters faced off against 32 other teams from Southeast Washington.  They built coding robots to complete pre-decided missions and were in charge of creating presentations to share how they designed the robot and imagine specific ways technology could make a positive impact on the world.  

In the first match of the day, eight fourth-grade students with six weeks of experience faced off against ten eighth-grade students who were last year's state champions. The packed gymnasium of watching parents and competitors joined in, cheering “Let’s go, Touchet!” And several teams offered to help our team get ready for the second and third matches.

Several judges and coaches commented the Touchet teams were going to be strong teams for years to come. Our students exceeded expectations for showing the core value of fun and were noted for being true examples of what First Lego Robotics is about.

Coaches Charlotte Vickroy (Touchet alumnus) and Nick Genereux have been working since the start of November to guide the team, with tremendous support from an incredible Touchet parents' group. The team also received a generous gift from FirstWA, and a grant through OSPI for robotics. Thank you to the amazing parents and volunteers who made this possible.  

We are always looking for ways for community members to participate.  Contact for more information.