Hybrid Learning Model Attendance

How does attendance work during the Hybrid Learning Model?

In-Person: If your child is attending in-person school and is absent from school they will be marked absent even if they watch the Zoom/Edpuzzle at home. However, if possible please encourage your student to watch the Zoom or watch the Edpuzzle for academic purposes.

 Remote: If your student has made arrangements with the school to attend remote learning students must attend Zoom or watch the Edpuzzle that day to be marked present. If the student misses the Zoom or Edpuzzle he/she will be marked absent. 

 For both in-person and remote learning, communication in written and/or verbal form is required from the parent/guardian in all cases of absences, tardiness, or dismissal before the close of school. Failure to clear an absence or tardy with an excuse will lead to a listing of “unexcused” in our attendance system.

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